Tractor-trailer transportation of liquid fuels is our specialty. In fact, it is our one and only focus. On a daily basis, Wess, Inc. delivers renewable fuel products into petroleum pipeline terminals, as well as transporting petroleum and blended products back out to supply convenience stores, retail stations, bulk plants and end-users with the fuels they need.

Wess, Inc. drivers and equipment are certified to access over 70 area pipeline terminals, ethanol plants, biodiesel plants, rail sites and renewable fuels storage facilities across Iowa, Minnesota and bordering states.

Products hauled include gasoline, ethanol, ethanol blends, natural denature gasoline, petroleum diesel, biodiesel, heating oil, kerosene and more. Wess, Inc. customers continually benefit from the timely and accurate delivery of the products they depend on us to receive.

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Wess, Inc. is certified to load at over 70 area pipelines, ethanol and biodiesel plants, fuel storage facilities and rail sites.

Vehicle GPS Map

On any given weekday, Wess Drivers can be found serving customers throughout our trade region, as illustrated by GPS vehicle mapping.